Pharmacy Services for Individuals and Businesses

How do you choose the right pharmacy for you and your family, when there are so many pharmacy services in Cohoes, New York, to choose from? With decades of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, we have proven time and again that we are a pharmacy you can trust. At Marra’s Pharma Corp DBA Marra’s Pharmacy, we go the extra mile in providing customers with a variety of essential services.

Take, for example, the immunization services we offer. Save time, money, and effort going to your family doctor by having vaccinations done at our pharmacy instead. We offer a variety of vaccines, including ones for the seasonal flu, tetanus, shingles, and more. Our pharmacists can help schedule your vaccinations and inform you whenever new immunizations arrive.

In addition to serving individuals and their families, we also work with businesses that provide long-term care services. These businesses include adult day care centers, assisted living facilities, residential care facilities, skilled nursing homes, and so on. We help keep these establishments stocked with all the medicines, medical supplies, and durable medical equipment they need to thrive. We also provide them services like adherence packaging/ pill packing in Cohoes, New York.

If you are looking for a long-term pharmacy, trusted for many decades, to serve you, your family, or your business, we are here for you. Call us today at 518-237-2110.
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