Managing Multiple Medications Simultaneously?

If you’re taking multiple medications at a time, it can be very confusing, especially for your elderly folks given the limitation of their age. As your community pharmacy in Cohoes, New York, Marra’s Pharma Corp DBA Marra’s Pharmacy encourages you to follow these tips:

  • Visit your physician
    Your physician knows your medications better than anyone else. Hence, you should follow their advice. Purchase only the medicines prescribed and take them as instructed.
  • Have a written schedule
    To avoid forgetting which medications are taken during the day, for instance, write them down and post the list near to where your medications are stored.
  • Purchase all your medications from one pharmacy
    We are a long term pharmacy where you can find all the medications you need. We regularly restock medicines and medical supplies to uninterruptedly serve your needs. We only offer quality, new, and properly-stored medicines and supplies to ensure the safety of our customers.
  • Have your medications refilled in advance
    Don’t let your medications run out. If you choose to refill your medications in our pharmacy, you can be confident that you will get the right medications and correct doses. Plus, all our pharmacists and employees are particular with cleanliness. Hence, you can ascertain that your medications will be handled properly.
  • Color code your medication storage
    Use one color for over-the-counter medications and a different one for prescriptions and so on. Doing so will help you avoid confusion.

Entrust to us the medications and medical supplies you need and avail our adherence packaging/ pill packing in Cohoes, New York to allow our pharmacists to place your pills in individual packets so you can carry them anywhere conveniently. Contact us to get started!

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