Winter Health Tips for Your Senior Loved One

Winter season is when food sources are scarce, and our immune systems are less able to fight off illness. This season can also lead to more health problems for seniors as they are more susceptible to colds and flu.

As an established provider of pharmacy services in Cohoes, New York, here are some tips for keeping them safe and healthy during the cold months:

  • Double up on fruits and vegetables
    Ensure your loved one has a regular supply of fruits and vegetables throughout the winter. Fresh produce might be challenging, but frozen veggies and fruits will suffice (they’re just as nutritious).
  • Remember to take vitamins
    Taking vitamins can help your senior loved one prevent colds and flu. Vitamin C helps build the immune system by protecting cells against oxidative damage caused by free radicals.
  • Get your ZZZs
    Sleep is essential to good health and can be especially important for seniors because it helps the body repair itself and stays healthy.
  • Consider a flu shot
    Winter is flu season, so it’s essential to ensure your loved one gets their flu shot because it can protect them against certain strains of the virus.

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