Understanding the Pharmacy Industry

The pharmacy industry is a key part of the market for prescription drugs, and making it more efficient could help patients do better and waste less money. It’s important to remember that pharmacies have been a part of the drug distribution chain for almost as long as drug manufacturers have.

Community pharmacies do more than just fill prescriptions; they also do basic health checks. People think of them as the easiest healthcare professionals to get in touch with because anyone can walk in or call them for help.

The main job of pharmacists is to fill prescriptions ordered by doctors and nurses for patients safely and accurately. Upon receipt, the pharmacy staff checks or updates the patient’s profile in the computer system. Details about the prescription, like dosage form, instructions, amount, and the number of days’ worth, are put into the computer.

Depending on the type of vaccination or immunization program, a community pharmacist may be able to offer immunization services in certain situations. Even at an Independent Pharmacy, pharmacists often need extra training and certification on top of their basic license to legally be able to immunize.

With the help of our Pharmacy Services in Cohoes, New York, we make it easier for people to get immunized because we are open longer, have more convenient locations, and charge less than other providers.

At Marra’s Pharma Corp DBA Marra’s Pharmacy, we also offer Adherence packaging/ pill packing in Cohoes, New York, and vaccinations can be given based on standing order, a prescription from a licensed prescriber, or a prescription for a specific patient.
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