Medication Synchronization: How They Can Help

Medication adherence is critical in managing chronic disorders, alleviating the symptoms of short-term illnesses, and ensuring long-term health and wellness.
It is possible to ensure that you are taking your medications as prescribed by your doctor by using a service called “medication synchronization” (or “med sync”) at your local pharmacy
But the question is, how exactly does med sync work regarding medication management and administration?
Medication synchronization is the practice of synchronizing or organizing your monthly prescription fillings for all of your medicines on the same day of the month. With this system, you can return to the pharmacy only once without going back and forth to refill your meds.
Your doctor’s office will send prescriptions and authorizations to your independent pharmacy to maintain track of them. Medications can also be filled on the same day, wherever possible, by looking at the fill history for each prescription and scheduling the fills accordingly.
Not only does it allow you to stay on top of your medication schedule and avoid gaps in your care, but it also guarantees uninterrupted prescription care.
The prospect of missing a dose due to a delayed prescription is unfavorable, but this is never an issue with med sync. 
Marra’s Pharma Corp DBA Marra’s Pharmacy, your community pharmacy in Cohoes, New York, offers this program to help you arrange for the refill and pickup of your medications, depending on your preferred schedule.
We also provide adherence packaging/ pill packing in Cohoes, New York, which is another effective way of managing your medications when you’re having difficulties.
Don’t hesitate to reach us so that we can assist you with your medication and other pharmacy services!

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