Common Symptoms of Diabetes to Watch Out For

As the leading pharmacy in New York, we can help you learn about the symptoms of diabetes so you can get professional help early. Here are the common signs:

If you have diabetes, you may urinate a lot, especially at night, which may disrupt your sleep. You may also feel thirsty and hungry often. It is also common to lose weight even without dieting or exercising. You can have blurry vision, dry skin, and tingling or numb hands and feet. You will always feel tired and out of energy, and you may have many infections, plus your wounds and sores will heal slowly.

Type 1 diabetes symptoms may include stomach pains, vomiting, or nausea. These symptoms can develop in a few weeks or months. It can happen even when young and can be severe. Type 2 diabetes symptoms are usually harder to spot, and some people, don’t notice any sign at all. These symptoms can take years to develop and usually begins during adulthood. Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that occurs during pregnancy and doesn’t show symptoms. Make sure to get checked if you are pregnant.

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